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What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is the first business incubator in Suriname that offers start-ups housing, technical support, personal guidance, networking facilities, and access to financiers and investors to realize their idea or give their start-up business a growth spurt.

Inspiring young (prospective) entrepreneurs with an innovative and creative idea or product, start a business, and support them to increase their chances of success.

Socio-economic growth in Suriname can be realized by stimulating entrepreneurship.


Supporting start-ups within a business incubator, in which a solid foundation is laid to survive and grow, so that they can contribute to employment, increase production, and economic diversification in Suriname.


  • To inspire young aspiring entrepreneurs with creative and innovative ideas to set up a company and guide them through training, coaching, and ‘mentoring’ in the trajectory “From idea to ‘investor ready’ business startup.”
  • To support young starting entrepreneurs, who are in the first growth phase of their company and still on a limited scale, bring an innovative product or service to the market through training, coaching, and ‘mentoring’ in their company’s growth.


Why choose Kickstart?

Kickstart focuses on young, starting entrepreneurs in the pre-start and start-up phase.

Kickstart is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs who have developed an innovative idea or have already developed a product or service (pre-start phase). Kickstart also guides starting entrepreneurs, who have only been on the market with an innovative product or service for a year or two, in the further growth of their company (start-up phase).

Who is Kickstart for?

Kickstart helps young people convert their innovative product idea into a company and grow their start-up business. You come up with your idea, product, or service. Kickstart takes care of the rest: from experienced experts at home and abroad, a broad network, work and meeting space, and a platform and perspectives to attract partners, financiers, and investors. 


Kickstart by TBL offers starters in business a range of services within the Kickstart Incubator Program, including:

  • Intensive training, coaching, and mentoring by technical experts and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Free 24/7 work and meeting room, air-conditioned, at 44 Heerenstraat, in the center of Paramaribo;
  • An inspiring environment conducive to learning and turning a dream into reality;
  • Free access to office facilities, including:
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Copy and print (limited);
  • Postal address;
  • Refreshments (coffee, tea, water);
  • Network and business events aimed at connecting start-ups with potential investors and partners and helping them expand their network.

Kickstart offers unique opportunities for start-ups in business and has a strong distinguishing capacity.

  1. Kickstart has a broad network in Suriname and the region and Europe, which will be used optimally to give extra impulses to start-ups’ success.
  2. Practical orientation via Practical orientation via:
  • Hands-on’ training through workshops in which participants are actively involved;
  • ‘Learning by Deshelling immediately applying concepts within their business idea;
  • Developing practical and creative skills, including:
  • Pitch skills and techniques;
  • Marketing skills, including story counting;
  • Entrepreneurial skills (technical skills) and entrepreneurship (mindset);
  • Management of Social Media;
  • Production of promotional videos;
  • ICT-skills.

3. Deployment of experts with proven expertise within their field;

4.One-on-one sessions with an assigned mentor, who focuses on the overall success of the Starter. As such, the mentor is a motivator, advisor, and sounding board dedicated to developing the start-up’s full potential.

5.Free access to monthly ‘business events’ and other networking events, where starters can participate:

  • Learning from other entrepreneurs’ experiences, such as ‘best practices,’ ‘lessons learned,’ ‘do’s and don’ts’;
  • Learning about challenges in doing business in Suriname, including exporting (conducive to becoming ‘street smart’);
  • Sparring with like-minded, young, dynamic entrepreneurs.

6.Providing financing perspectives through/via:

  • Organizing pitching and business events in which potential local investors and financiers will participate;
  • Providing insight into available financing and support opportunities for start-ups (through donors, local funds, and facilities) and, where possible, facilitating start-ups in accessing these sources of financing (aftercare);
  • Lobby for the facilitation of ‘access to finance’ for start-ups.

The trajectory

Fase 1

U$ 450
  • 12weken
  • Business Model
  • Workshops
  • Groepcoaching & mentoring
  • Individuele coaching
  • Co-working ruimte
  • Kantoorfaciliteiten

Fase 2

U$ 300
  • 12weken
  • Business Plan
  • Workshops
  • Groepcoaching & mentoring
  • Individuele coaching
  • Co-working ruimte
  • Kantoorfaciliteiten

The Bootcamp consists of workshops to inspire starters to set up their own business, while idea formation (further elaboration of your idea) and pitching are also central. Pitching is necessary to be selected for participation in the Incubator Program.

Duration: 5 mornings

Program data: 26 to 30 October 2020

Execution via: Online Zoom meetings

Fairy: Free access.

During the Bootcamp: you will be introduced to essential principles of entrepreneurship, gain insight into the potential of your idea, product, or company, and receive training to pitch it clearly and convincingly to investors and financiers. Based on the insights you have gained, you can further decide whether you want to develop the incubator's potential further.

At the end of the Bootcamp: you will get the chance to pitch your idea to the Selection Committee. They will select the ten best ideas to participate in the Kickstart Incubator Program. From that moment on, you will be part of the TBL community. 


The ten most promising start-ups' selection is based on the Bootcamp presentations (pitches) for the Selection Committee. The ten candidates with the highest score on the selection criteria will be selected for participation in the Incubator Program.

  • Innovative or creative content: this means that your idea/product/service must be innovative or original (for example, it may be an improvement of an existing product/service/production method or the introduction of an entirely new product/service/production method);
  • Value proposition: this means that your idea/product/service should deliver value or benefit to the customer;
  • Scalability: this means that a large number of customers can use your idea/product/service without bottlenecks (digital products, for example, are a lot easier to scale than an artist who creates paintings);
  • Repeatability: this means that money can be earned with your idea/product/service not for an instant, but for a more extended period (for example, if you respond to a hype, your idea is not repeatable);

Presentation: this means that you will have to pitch your idea/product/service to the Selection Committee and convince them that you have the best proposal.

Duration: 12 weeks

Day of the week: Saturday

Time: Morning block: 09.00 - 12.00 A.M. and afternoon block: 14.00 - 17.00 P.M.

Period: 1st week November 2020 - 1st week February 2021

Implementation: Online workshops via Zoom, Online coaching of the group via Zoom, individual coaching, and 'mentoring' (in coordination with coaches and mentors).

Phase 1 consists of Interactive Workshops in which the search, testing, and validation of the Business Model, which offers your company the most excellent chance of success, is central. 

During Phase 1, you will participate in mandatory weekly workshop sessions, in which you will get acquainted with a variety of topics. The program of Phase 1 (click here) provides more insight into the other practical topics that will be discussed during the workshops. 

In addition, you will receive in-depth training in pitching your idea. You will also be challenged to refine your presentation skills by giving a weekly presentation to fellow participants in the incubator about your findings in applying concepts within your (to be set up) company.

During the workshops, we stimulate 'learning by doing.' This means that you are encouraged to apply concepts immediately to learn from them and come to new insights. You will adjust your business model based on these insights until the optimal model has been found that best fits your idea/product/company. In this process, you will receive the necessary support from our trainers, coaches, and mentors. The coaching sessions with technical experts (coaches) and coaching sessions with mentors also take place weekly.

At the beginning of this phase, a skills/competency assessment will be made for each participant. Based on the results, an individual 'competence development trajectory' will be developed for each participant, in which self-study will be stimulated.

If you miss the basic knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint, this phase of the Incubator Program provides extra-modular training.

Click here for more information about Phase 1 of the Incubator Program.

  • The nine elements of the Business Model Canvas form the backbone of Phase 1 of the KICKSTART Incubator Program.
  • Workshops 1 to 7 detail one or more specific elements of the Business Model Canvas. This model's nine components are Value Proposition, Customer Segments, Customer Relations, Distribution Channels, Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, Cost Structure, Revenue Streams. Also, the Lean Startup Approach and relevant concepts such as Minimum Viable Product, Build-Measure-Learn are introduced. The search for the business model that best fits your idea/product/service is approached from 2 angles: Business Modelling and Creative Thinking.  Business modeling' combines Business Model Canvas with 'Jobs To-Be-Done Theory,' and 'Outcome-Driven Innovation' (what consumers want), while 'Creative Thinking' focuses on 'Design Thinking' and 'Systematic Inventive Thinking';
  • Workshops 8 to 10 cover topics relevant to start-ups, laws, and regulations, Protection of Property Rights, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Also, the Investor Deck is introduced here. Furthermore, guest speakers/experts will share their knowledge on how to attract investors and financiers.
  • Workshops (11 and 12) are dedicated to pitching.

At the end of Phase 1: you will be invited to pitch your idea to potential financiers and investors once you have developed a successful (validated) business model. Pitching in this phase offers several advantages. First of all, it is possible to get feedback that you can use to further develop your idea/company in Phase 2 of the incubator program. Secondly, it allows you to attract potential partners, investors, or financiers already at this stage or at least get them interested in your business when your business plan is ready at the end of Phase 2. You will then be admitted to Phase 2 of the KICKSTART Incubator Program.

Duration: 12 weeks

Day of the week: Saturday

Time: Morning block 09.00 - 12.00 A.M. and afternoon block 2.00 - 5.00 P.M. 

Period: 2nd week February - 1st week May 2021

Implementation: Online workshops via Zoom, Online coaching of the group via Zoom, individual coaching, and 'mentoring' (in coordination with coaches and mentors).

Phase 2 of the Incubator Program is intended for selected start-ups that have completed Phase 1 of the Incubator Program and for start-ups that already have a validated business model. This second phase aims to make the start-up 'investor-ready,' focusing on developing a simple, understandable, readable, and realistic business plan.

Making a comprehensive business plan is not necessary for most companies to get started. However, drawing up a short business plan offers several advantages that more than outweigh the time investment. The most important benefits are listed below.

  • The process of thinking and writing the plan provides clarity for the company.
  • If capital from external sources is needed, investors want a plan that shows a solid understanding and vision for the company.
  • The plan helps to prioritize the most important tasks.

Phase 2: Participate in mandatory weekly workshop sessions. Since this is where the Business Plan is centered, the workshops will cover all sub-plans or sections of this plan. These sections can be found in the Incubator Program of Phase 2. In addition, you will be given some basic knowledge of Financial Management, and you will be stimulated to further expand your knowledge in this area through self-study.

In Phase 2, you will receive the necessary support from our trainers, coaches, and mentors. The coaching sessions with technical experts (coaches) and coaching sessions with mentors take place weekly.

As in Phase 1, also in Phase 2, we will work towards presenting your plans to investors.

During this phase, you will also be given several practical skills, for which TBL has the experts in-house.

Click here for the program of Phase 2 of the Incubator Program.

  • The seven sub-plans or sections of the Business Plan form the core of Phase 2 of the KICKSTART Incubator Program.
  • Workshop 1 and 2 introduce the Business Plan. In these two weeks, basic financial management knowledge is central, covering the following topics: costs versus expenses, balance sheet, profit and loss account, liquidity budget, and break-even analysis.
  • Workshop 3 and 4 are dedicated to Marketing, especially market analysis, marketing, and sales. Also, story counting, the production of short promotional videos, and the use and management of social media are included;
  • Workshop 5 deals with the Operational Plan.
  • Workshop 6 to 8 focus on the Financial Plan.
  • Workshop 9 provides tools for the description of the company and a one-pager for potential investors;
  • Workshop 10 is a work session focused on the completion of the business plan.
  • Workshop 11 and 12 focus on preparing and pitching for potential investors.

At the end of Phase 2: you will be invited to pitch your business plan to potential financiers and investors. After this, the Incubator Program closes. As part of the aftercare, we will continue to follow you and support you where possible to make your business a success. We will also ask you to share your experiences about your 'Incubator Journey' with other participants during the next round of the Incubator Program.

Basic Plan

$ 110
  • 2GBBandwidth
  • 100GBStorage
  • 2Accounts
  • 1Host Domain
  • 24/7Support

Premium Plan

$ 550
  • 50GBBandwidth
  • 1000GBStorage
  • 10Accounts
  • 8Host Domain
  • 24/7Support
  • Custom Email


U$ 750
  • 24 weeks
  • Business Model & Business Plan
  • Workshops
  • Online Group coaching
  • Individual Coaching & Mentoring
  • Co-Working space
  • Office facilities
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